FAKRA Standard Solution

Features & Benefits

- User friendly HMI

- Multiple operation modes

- Compatibility with third party data (such as MES, SCADA) interface

- Extensible and scalable machine design

- Simple spare parts management

- Quick changeover

- Real-time equipment performance and process data

- consumable tooling life cycle notification

- Easy to manage part number list


- Cable processing: Jacket ,foil and dielectric striping, braid flaring

- Stripping inspection: vision system to measure stripping quality

- Inner terminal crimping: Crimping force monitoring

- Outer terminal insertion: Force sensor to monitor the insertion process Braid fold back

- Crimping quality inspection: Vision system to inspect the crimping results

- Electrical test: Continuity and High voltage test Terminal depth detection

- Concentricity check



HSD Cable

Other Cable

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