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Talent Concept

The company adheres to the principle of "making the best use of talents and increasing the value of talents". We aim at helping you reach your full potential and try the best to place talents in the right positions.

  • Welfare Treatment

    Welfare Treatment

    Annual medical examination, annual tourism, quarterly award/year-end award, holiday welfare, study and training, five insurance and one gold, paid annual leave, equity incentive.

  • Promotion Channel

    Promotion Channel

    From the system, Harmontronics has guaranteed the multi-channel development of employees in the company and established the “double-channel” career development system of employee management and specialty.

Training Program

“Excel master plan”, “orange blue plan” to help you get started!

  • One-to-one mentor:

    Arrange outstanding former students, excellent old employees or company leaders to provide various o pinions and Suggestions on career development for fresh graduates, and give the most personal care and guidance.

  • Rotating internship:

    Help fresh graduates to get familiar with the job-related skills or management standards as soon as possible, and understand the operation of the department and the job content.

  • Professional training:

    Senior technicians customize and develop professional technical courses for fresh graduates to improve their professional skills and accelerate role change.

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