PCB Press-fit Pin Insertion Machine

PCB Press-fit Pin Insertion Machine


Harmontronics PA350 is new generation pin insertion machine, use auto pin wheel changeover for continuous feeding, the automatic tool changer system can hold 4 insertion heads.
Unique cam mechanism design assure the leading insertion speed.
More flexible heads configuration help customer maximize the throughput and lowest the total cost in the whole machine life cycle.

Features & Benefits

- Insertion rate up to 6 cycles per second
- PCB size can be up to 350mm*400mm [13.8×15.7”]
- Repetitive positioning accuracy:±0.01mm
- PCB board anvil can freely program and rotate ±190°
- PCB board thickness measurement
- Real time insertion force and distance monitoring
- Max.4 insertion heads design, can support up to 8 different pins
- XYZφfour-axis automatic calibration
- Granite portal frame, ensure insertion accuracy and stability
- CE approval, and SMEMA compliant interface


Machine Model PA350
Weight Approx. 3000kg
Board Capacity 400x350mm[15.7×13.8″]
Loading In-Line
Insertion Rate 6 Cycles/Sec
Insertion heads Optional: 1/2/3/4 units
Insertion tools powered by Servo
Number of insertion angles per tool ±190°
Tool Changer Standard config
Back Plate Changer Standard config
Back Plate Drive Direct Drive Servo
In-Line/Interface Standard config: SMEMA compliant
Vision System Standard config
ESD Proofed Guards Standard config
Modem for Remote Diagnostics Standard config
Insertion angles free programmable Standard config
Triple Insertion Standard config
Conversion Kits Standard config
Pulse hand held device for servo position adjustment Standard config
Conveyor automatically adjustment Optional
Extended Conveyer Optional
Force and Distance monitoring Optional
PCB Thickness Measuring Optional
Pin Presence check Optional
Bar code scanner Optional
Pin missing repair mode Optional

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